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Ski Rental and  Ski School  Poiana Brasov

Ski Rental and  Ski School  Poiana Brasov

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Scoala Ski si Inchirieri ski Poiana Brasov

 Ski School Poiana Brasov

 Poiana Brasov Snowboard & Ski Instructor

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Ski & Snowboard lessons prices in POIANA BRASOV ski season 2021 - 2022


-You’re never too old to learn to ski . From selecting the right rental gear to making your way down the mountain with confidence, our Adult Beginner’s lessons will help you get started with skiing. Give us three days and you’ll be hooked for life.

  • Period Between : December 1st 2022 - January 17th 2023 ; January 30th - February 28th 2023 & end of the week December 1st , 2022 - April 30th , 2023
    1. 1 hr / pers : 130 lei ( group 4 + )
    2. 1 hr / pers : 140 lei ( 2-3 pers. same level and age )
    3. 1 hr / pers : 150 lei ( private lesson )

  • Period Between : January 18th - January 29th 2023 ; March 01th - April 30th 2023 ( from Monday--- Friday )
    1. 1 hr / pers : 100 lei ( group 4+ )
    2. 1 hr /3 pers : 120 lei / pers
    3. 1 hr /2 pers : 130 lei / pers
    4. 1 hr / pers : 150 lei ( private lesson )

  • *** Rate does not include ski / snowboard equipment and cable transport (for students and instructors)

  • The rates are valid only with prepaid reservation with minimum 10 days before! Prices already reduced by 15-20%

  • The schedule for ski or snowboard lessons is: 9.00 - 11.00, 11.30 - 13.30, 14.00 - 16.00.
  • On request, ski lessons can be 3 or 4 hours a day with a break after the first 2 hours of skiing.
      -The advantage of private classes is that students return rate is at maximum, because the instructor focuses its entire attention on one student (maximum two), time is quickly learning, quality of service is the maximum rate, and attention to students is higher.

      Ski lessons booking in Poiana Brasov | The best ski school in Poiana Brasov | Rezervari scoala de schi si snowboard Poiana Brasov


  • You never skied before.

  • You have skied before and can stop or control speed.
    You are comfortable making turns on easier blue runs.
    You are beginners to match your skies at the end of each turns .
    You are matching your skies earlier in each turn.
    You ski blue and easier blue runs.

    Description of Lesson:
    Learning how to turn and how to effectively control your speed using turns and the slope they are on. Learn how to increase your speed without loss of control and confidence. Decrease your dependence on the wedge (snow plow, pizza, arrow) for control. Develop your turn technique with the goal to eliminate the wedge (snow plow, pizza, arrow). Bring the skis into a parallel or natural position where using the slope for speed control is the emphasis.

  • You match your skies at the beginner of each turn and you ski mostly red runs.
    You are comfortable to parallel turns with a pole plant on all red or some black runs.

    Description of lesson:
    Look to refine the parallel turn and progress to steeper terrain. Improve your steering skills so you can make shorter or smaller radius turns which will enable you to tackle more varied terrain. Develop your short turn, learn to go fast with confidence, look at the tactics involved with skiing off piste and on the black (most difficult) slopes.

  • You are looking to improve your confidence in moguls and powder.
    You make strong , linked parallel turns on all black runs in all snow condition.

    Description of Lesson:
    Develop your fine balancing skills so you can ski anywhere on the mountain. A large emphasis on tactical skiing, using the terrain and mountain to your advantage, discussing the different challenges associated with differing terrain. You will soon be skiing and thinking like an expert.

    Ski rental prices

    Adults / Children – 1 Day

  • Ski equipment– 60 Ron / 50 Ron
  • Skis + Boots + Poles ( beginner/ medium level )
  • Full ski equipment– 70 Ron / 60 Ron
  • Skis + Boots + Poles + Casca ( beginner/ medium level )
  • Skis + Poles -- 50 Ron / 40 Ron
  • Boots -------- 30 Ron / 30 Ron
  • Ski Helmet --- 30 Ron / 30 Ron
  • Ski Goggles -- 25 Ron / 25 Ron
  • Ski Gloves ---- 25 Ron / 25 Ron
  • Race / Vip Skis ---- 150 Ron

  • Ski lessons booking in Poiana Brasov | The best ski school in Poiana Brasov | Rezervari scoala de schi si snowboard Poiana Brasov

    On request we can organize trips in ski resorts in Austria and Bulgaria.