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Ski Rental and  Ski School  Poiana Brasov

Ski Rental and  Ski School  Poiana Brasov

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Scoala Ski si Inchirieri ski Poiana Brasov

 Ski School Poiana Brasov

 Poiana Brasov Snowboard & Ski Instructor

 Poiana Brasov monitor de snowboard si schi


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Ski & Snowboard Rental Equipment in POIANA BRASOV

Who we are

R&J ski centre Poiana Brasov

  • Located in the center of POIANA BRASOV, on ground floor of Casa Emil guesthouse , opposite the Vanatorul Restaurant, in the area of great interest for ski fans, at an equal distance but not far from the two cablecars serving Postavaru Peak and at a distance of 2- 3 minutes from the Bradul beginners ski slope . R & J Ski School & Ski Rental aims to offer ski lovers for rent the best equipment at the best prices.

  • R&J ski rental and ski school Poiana Brasov echipament inchirieri  ski si snowboard Poiana Brasov

  • Ski Shuttle - Transfer to ski slope in Poiana Brasov.

  • R&J Ski Shuttle, Transfer to ski slope Poiana Brasov R&J Ski Rental Poiana Brasov

  • Our ski equipment rental centre offers skis of superior quality from well-known brands like Elan, Head, Rossignol, Dalbello, Dynastar and Volkl, also equipment for all levels from beginners to the most experienced. Sizes of boots range from the smallest size of children to the largest size of adults.

  • Our staff helps you to choose the right equipment depending on the level and size of each, as well as with information about the current situation of slopes.

  • Customers must fill in and sign the rental form. In the case of children under age, a parent or a legal guardian should sign for them.

  • We also offer protection helmets for rent.

  • R&J ski and snowboard rental and ski school Poiana Brasov Inchirieri  ski si snowboard Poiana Brasov, Predeal , Sinaia

  • Appealing skis for children, with sizes from 67 cm, to provide young children the comfort in skiing initiation.

  • For teenagers , adults and the most experienced , we offer the latest skis.

  • Cold and wet boots can ruin the day or vacation any sports fan , therefore we pay close attention to drying and disinfecting boots after each use , servicing skis whenever necessary, by sharpening edges and waxing.

  • R&J ski school & ski rental in Poiana Brasov

  • With our passion for skiing and our mountaineering expertise, we are more than happy to advise you on the conditions and state of the ski areas, helping you get the best out of the snow and the ski slops.

  • The comfort and safety of our customers is a priority for us .

  • Ski & Snowboard rental prices

    Adults / Children – 1 Day

  • Full equipment ----- 60 Ron / 50 Ron
  • Skis + Boots + Polses ( beginner/ medium level )

  • Full equipment ----- 70 Ron / 60 Ron
  • Skis + Boots + Polses ( beginner/ medium level )

  • Skis + Poles ----- 50 Ron / 30 Ron
  • Boots ------------ 30 Ron / 30 Ron
  • Boots ------------- 45 Ron / 45 Ron
  • Ski Helmet ------- 30 Ron / 30 Ron
  • Ski Goggles ------ 25 Ron / 25 Ron
  • Ski Gloves -------- 25 Ron / 25 Ron
  • Race Skis -------- 150 Ron

  •  Contact Ski & Snowboard rental shop in Poiana Brasov | Rezervari scoala de schi si snowboard Poiana Brasov

    Travel Guide

    Organized tours in Transylvania and Romania with our company car ( Nissan Pathfinder ) 5 + 2 places.
    • CETATEA SIGHISOARA – is the old historic center of the town of Sighișoara (German: Schäßburg), Romania, built in the 12th century by Saxon colonists under the Latin name Castrum Sex. It is an inhabited medieval citadel that, in 1999, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its 850-year-old testament to the history and culture of the Transylvanian Saxons. Birthplace of Vlad III the Impaler (in Romanian Vlad Țepeș - Vlad Dracu ), Sighișoara hosts, every year, a medieval festival where arts and crafts blend with rock music and stage plays. The city marks the upper boundary of the Land of Sachsen. Like its bigger brothers, Sibiu (Hermannstadt - The European Cultural Capital in 2007) and Braşov (Kronstadt), Sighișoara exhibits architecture typical of medieval Germany.

    • PELES CASTLE – Located in Sinaia (44 km from Brasov), Peles Castle is considered by many one of the most beautiful castles in all Europe. It was the final resting place for several Romanian monarchs including King Carol I, who died here in 1914. The building of the castle began in 1873 under the direct order of the Viennese architect Wilhem Doderer and was continued in 1876 by his assistant, Johann Schultz de Lemberg. During 1877-1879 because of the war they abandoned work. That's why the castle was inaugurated only on October 7, 1883.

    • BRAN CASTLE - Dracula's Castle is situated between Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains, right where you enter Rucar-Bran Pass. The building of Bran Castle started somewhere around the year 1378. The constructors somehow succeeded in combining wood with the rock brought from Magura Branului. The castle had a protective and commercial purpose. It had two rows of walls closing the passing towards South. They were made in stone and brick. Only few traces of the initial defense position still exist.

    • TRANSFAGARASAN ROAD – DN7C is the second-highest paved road in Romania. Built as a strategic military route, the 90 km of twists and turns run north to south across the tallest sections of the Southern Carpathians, between the highest peak in the country, Moldoveanu, and the second highest, Negoiu. The road connects the historic regions of Transylvania and Wallachia, and the cities of Sibiu and Pitești. The road was constructed between 1970 and 1974, during the rule of Nicolae Ceaușescu. It came as a response to the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union. Ceaușescu wanted to ensure quick military access across the mountains in the event the Soviets attempted a similar move into Romania.

    • BRASOV TOUR – BLACK CHURCH - built between 1385 and 1477 on the site of an earlier church (destroyed by Mongol invasions in 1242), the construction of the Marienkirche was hampered by extensive damage caused by Turkish raids in 1421. The church was given its new name after disaster struck again in 1689, when the 'Great Fire, set by Hapsburg invaders, leveled most of the town, heavily damaged the church, blackening its walls. Restoration took almost 100 years.

    • RASNOV CITADEL - was built as part of a defence system for the Transylvanian villages exposed to outside invasions. A decisive aspect for building the citadel on the actual location was the route of the invading armies which were coming from the Bran pass and were passing through Râșnov, on their way to Burzenland. The only chance of survival for the inhabitants of the area, inclusively from Cristian and Ghimbav was the refuge inside the citadel. Compelled to stay there for decades, the people of Râșnov and the nearby villages turned the fortification into a dwelling.

  • Or other tourist destinations request.